A look at how young people are handling corona + heartbreak

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The All Mental Health Team

Dear AMH community,

For the past few months, we’ve been supporting young people through difficult breakups with @meafterwe. They’ve told us stories of heartache, regaining self worth, and they’ve offered each other insights and tips for moving on.

Then, something changed. These young people–who were already feeling isolated, down, and disrupted from their routine–experienced the added traumatic layer of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many reported that having less distraction was causing them to ruminate intensely on their breakup. Some, living on their own, felt more alone than ever. Others were forced to shelter-in-place with an abusive ex. Many wrote to us to share that, on top of the breakup and social isolation, they’d lost their jobs. Their housing is now in jeopardy.

In their words:

“I want to know how people who live alone are healing from a breakup because that happened right in the beginning of the social lockdown. Because I am not doing well.”

“This all feels so hopeless in the midst of corona.”

“...being at home with no real routine makes it so much worse.”

“...it’s made complicated by the loneliness and isolation resulting from COVID-19...it’s hard to pull myself out of my heartache through this period”

Just yesterday, we received a message from a follower, saying:

“Want therapy, can’t afford it.

Got laid off to add to it amidst this pandemic.

I’m a prisoner to my own thoughts.”

We are working around the clock to offer validation, support, and crisis resources to the young people of @meafterwe. In addition to messaging, we’ve created content to address the multilayered stress they’re experiencing, and a free coronavirus mental health resource we’re sharing with the broader community.

Followers have shared that it’s helping them through:

“Thank you! It’s very helpful. I was looking for something like this, how to deal with it during quarantine”

“The quarantine is making it more difficult to get distracted. Thanks for reaching out. I love your content. It makes me feel that things will get better.”

We feel our sense of purpose more strongly than ever. These young people need support, and they need it to meet them where they are.

Nonprofit organizations–like all organizations–are taking a hit in our ability to fundraise during this time. Please consider donating to support our efforts as we continue to prevent teen suicide through @meafterwe during this global crisis.

Thank you, as always, for your support,

Tali, Ryann, and Ryan