Mental Health Education for Your Population

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The All Mental Health Team

AMH is a technology-driven nonprofit with a mission to increase access to mental health education. We supply the mental health education. You supply the distribution channel (through your website or app). We’ll partner with you to make the tech integration as simple as possible.

Our Mental Health Education

Our digital library of content is based in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and the Unified Protocol for the Treatment of Emotional Disorders.

Appropriate for those struggling with symptoms of stress, anxiety, or depression, our content teaches individuals skills that empower them to feel more in control of their mental wellbeing.

Pitched to an 8th grade reading level, we aim for inclusivity, while also validating and normalizing each individual’s personal experience.

Our articles cover a broad range of topics including motivation, support systems, behavioral activation and goal setting, relaxation, emotion and body awareness, distress tolerance, and cognitive flexibility.

Reaching Your Population

Whether you currently reach your community through a website or app, we have the tech expertise needed to seamlessly integrate our content into your platform.

If you don’t have an app but would like one, we’d love to talk to you about how our app can be rebranded for your needs.

And, if our core library of content doesn’t fully meet your needs, we’re also open to co-creating custom content for your population.

Whether you’re a for-profit, nonprofit, or private therapist, we’re happy to talk with you about the best ways to meet the mental health needs of your community.

And, if you’d just like to refer your population to our free app, send them our way. We believe in respecting the privacy of everyone’s mental health information, so we offer resources that don’t require users to pay in money or personal data.

Together, we can create a world where everyone, regardless of location or means, can access skills that empower them to feel more in control of their mental health.

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