Our Team

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The All Mental Health Team

We’re a small but mighty team with experience building engaging, human-centered products to improve mental health. We’re former Lantern product people, leveraging our learnings in digital mental health.

We're known for taking best-in-class research and distilling it down to deliver approachable and interactive educational content. At Lantern, we built a consumer product that had traction and delivered clinically meaningful results.

Our expertise spans operations, cutting-edge engineering, engaging content creation, clinical collaboration, population research, human-focused design, and direct service work. We’ve also recruited some of the industry’s most innovative leaders to serve as our advisors, including Alejandro Foung, Dr. Megan Oser, and Amit Ranade.

At All Mental Health, we’re energized and motivated to leverage everything we’ve learned collectively and individually in service of accessible mental health education.

Tali Beesley – Co-founder, CEO

Tali has a decade of experience helping teams deliver engaging and educational products. She’s a strong leader, with proven expertise in product development and human-centered design. Tali began her career in educational publishing as an editor for psychology textbooks. Under the tutelage of the For Dummies editor, she learned how to translate scientific concepts into engaging products. From there, Tali got her Masters in Information Science. Her studies catalyzed a passion for making information more accessible. For the last five years, Tali has led content, design, and product teams to create engaging, interactive, and accessible mental health products. Her nuanced understanding of pedagogy, subject matter expertise in mental health, and proven leadership skills make her uniquely qualified to lead a tech-driven nonprofit in the mental health space.

Ryan Weald – Co-founder, Principal Engineer

Ryan is an experienced engineer who’s spent the last 6 years building products in a startup environment. He was one of the first engineers at several startups and has a proven ability to find creative solutions to business needs on the right timeline. His technical background includes creating real-time data pipelines, high performance ad servers, Ruby on Rails web applications, and iPhone apps, as well as growing engineering teams. While spending the last 4 years on the treatment side of health tech Ryan realized he’s more passionate about prevention, education, and underserved markets. He’s excited about the potential to use his knowledge to benefit society rather than building the next “unicorn”.

Ryann Summers – Co-founder, Director of Content

Ryann has been working in the mental health field for the last 10 years, through both direct service work and evidence-based content creation. During her clinical internship, Ryann created and delivered curriculum for the Living and Recovery Community’s first mental health education program. She maintains a private trauma-informed yoga practice, focused on supporting students with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. In 2017, she piloted UCSF/USF’s first on-campus Yoga as Healing series. During her time at Lantern, Ryann led content strategy for the creation of new clinical programs, and wrote, built, and designed Lantern’s transdiagnostic program from the bottom up. Her direct service experience and content expertise make her uniquely qualified to craft mental health content that meets people where they are. You can think of her like a translator, turning dense research publications into engaging and approachable products.

Learn more about partnerships with All Mental Health by saying hello@allmentalhealth.org. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.